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    Send a fax letter to cancel server? Help!


    So my host wants me to send them a letter or a fax message with my signature on it to cancel the contract of my server....they say its for "security reasons".

    Seems ridiculous, and it is a very slow process as they are based in another country.

    I havent signed anywhere so they dont know how my sign even looks like, I just paid with Paypal, and in Paypal they have the authority to take out money every month, but I could just cancel that from Paypal.

    The reason I am not just cancelling the subscription in Paypal is because I have 2 servers with them, and I want to keep one and cancel the other.

    Can someone tell me how to convince them to just cancel the server without the need to fax or mail?

    On the other hand, can someone please recommend reliable online service where I can send international fax to them?

    Thank you.

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    You don't have copy shops/kinkos/small "grocery stores" with a copy machine and a fax machine that charges per page?

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    Do you have Skype or AIM? I can help sort something out for you for you can send a fax to them.
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    Good question
    Is this server4you we're talking about? I had to do the exact same thing.

    The problematic part was finding a fax machine, lol.

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    Does anyone still use fax machines?

    What is the name of the company, definitely sounds like one to avoid.

    Most hosts just have a cancel link on their website.

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    Which country are you trying to send the Fax to? Do you mind telling us that much since you can't even tell us who the provider is?
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    They also want it in writing and not printed out from computer.

    Country is Germany.

    The most I am going to do is write it out, sign it, scan it and send it online via some international fax service.

    If you google, there are lots of free fax international websites, are they trustful? Can I give them a try to see if they send out the fax?

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    Talk about jumping through hoops, cancel them both and go with somebody else is my advice. Sounds like they're being asshats.

    I haven't even seen a fax machine or paper in like 10 years.

    Is the cancelation of the paypal subscription enough to prove it's me?

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    Just write it on paper, scan it and email them the picture. It should not matter for them if it was pulled from the fax machine or the printer. Although in some countries something coming from the fax machine is considered to be "a document".

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    What a waste of time, you didn't need a signature to sign up with them I'm guessing?

    Not very "secure" if they don't have a signature to compare against, thats the whole idea of a signature.
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    its not a matter of they need a signature to shut it down, I'd say its moreso that if you complain about it later that your server is down they can show you your signature with a statement declaring you asked em to shut it down.

    added >> Another thing I regularly use fax, business to business, governmaent but rarely private.
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    Why not just mail it? via your postal service or UPS etc

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    There are online services that will send the fax for you if you just scan it to your computer - this may be an option for you - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Well when you are requesting a refund and cancellation of the server, sending a mail internationally will take alot of time....

    No I didnt sign anything to buy the server.

    I have asked them if I can email my scanned paper, lets see what they say, I doubt they will agree.

    Can you share some reliable online fax services?

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    1,490 is reliable services. Get trial from there. If i not wrong they gave you 1-5 pages to sent out for free.
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