# QoS Settings

<IfModule mod_qos.c>
# handles connections from up to 1024 different IPs
QS_ClientEntries 1024

# will allow only 10 connections per IP
QS_SrvMaxConnPerIP 10

# disables keep-alive when 70% of the TCP connections are occupied:
QS_SrvMaxConnClose 180

# minimum request/response speed (deny slow clients blocking the server, ie. slowloris keeping connections open without
# requesting anything):
QS_SrvMinDataRate 150 1200

QS_SrvMaxConnClose 85%

I have set the above from http://opensource.adnovum.ch/mod_qos/#configuration (I could not find setting that limits the maximum download BW per client)

Could someone guide me how to increase the maximum dl BW thanks. Maybe I need also glasses lol.