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    A Little Review about WHMCSIntegration.CA

    Hello Guys,

    Its been hmm 26 days since i ordered a template modification (the Gold one) from (paul).

    And he did a fast job, i mean he compleeted it for 5 hours

    Anyway i ordered the Gold services as i wanted a full modifided WHMCS with difrent buttons and other stuff...

    The support was a little bit late on every my ticket

    Well after some days i asked him to change me somethings and he was like doing it but now its past 3 weeks and i am still waiting for thos changes

    here is a screen for my ticket opened every 1 week..

    I dont know, 30$ are not to much but dam i dont care about 30$ but i just need the Job Finished.

    Anyway i still hope Paul can finish the changes till 2011

    PS: i posted here becouse i didnt know where to post it else..


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    they normally give reply in 2 weeks it seems they take little more longer time in your there is no other then to wait hopefully they will reply you in this week

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    Well I think they do have a rep on WHT, I'm assuming they'll likely have some input in this thread shortly, so likely your tickets will be answered soon as well
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    when you keep saying

    "1. The WHMCS area u shuld edit the Background as it look similiar to the content area"

    I've asked for clarification on this as i do not know what you are talking about since the whole background is the same as the rest of your site. Its suppose to be the same as the rest of your website. (which i've said a few times, i can only repeat myself so much before i give up asking :p )
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