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    Advice Needed

    Hi guys,

    I run a website,, we've been growing at a decent pace and now have reached about 100gb of videos with an expected 120-130 gb coming in the next month

    My existing provider has told me to shift from VPS to dedicated since ffmpeg conversions are pretty heavy on CPU's

    Please advice if this price and config is good for me

    For 79$
    1. Core2Quad @ 2.3ghz
    2.5 TB Bandwidth
    3.100mbps port or 1gbps (not sure)
    4.4gb RAM
    5.5 IP Addresses

    Is this a decent price and config for a Website running on ClipBucket?

    Thanks in advance

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    Depending on how many people are using it and etc, we can't really tell you if it's correct or not.

    Do tell us your traffic and etc. I mean, if there's practically almost like 10-15 people using the server the whole day total, then yes it's more than enough but if more then it's a different story.

    Traffic stat please?
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    That all depends on How fast you plan on growing and how much HDD space they are offering.

    As for the Bandwidth if you are expecting people to stream the video you may need to look high i would also take a look at the budget vs income and plan a little for the future as if you are growing by 100gb a month you will very quickly out grow that server "Where the client comes first!"
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    Oh sorry, I forgot to mention HDD, HDD is 250GB

    Traffic is around 300 visitors a day (we started about a month back), I know it's not much, but well it seems to be growing

    Budget vs. Income - I'm doing a bit of web design and stuff, so it kinda supports the website, website is a hobby.

    I'm trying to go slow cause I dont really want to waste cash, I'm a student and cash is not easy to come by im afraid

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    It's a decent server to start with, it should be able to handle the 300 visitors.
    What do the visitors do most of the time anyway?

    You can always upgrade once you are growing, I'm sure your host can be flexible with that also
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    Yeah, my host should be

    Visitors must be downloading, uploading and streaming videos for the most part.

    Attached screenshots of awstat visitor logs
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    I would personally want to make sure I had two drives in raid 1. Since you're planning for rather quickly needing 250gb of space within the next month or so, you'd be best off getting at least a 500gb drive. Providers may charge more for 500gb drives than they do for 250gb drives, but if you look at the cost to buy those drives, it's pretty much identical, so you should be able to negotiate to get a 500gb drive at close to the same price they're charging for a 250gb drive.

    For redundancy and performance reasons, you'll want to get a raid 1 array of two drives if you can afford it. Read performance should be doubled, and if a drive fails, your server won't go offline because of it.

    As far as the specs and price, yes, it's a good set of specs at a good price. The core2quad cpu isn't the best in the world anymore, but it's still a solid performer, and at the price quoted, a good deal as well.
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    I would also look at the growth options in that specific server. Honestly, I would go higher spec across the board and really deliver a solid performing server. Its far worse to have a badly performing server and have visitors tuning out- while you upgrade, than to grow into a higher machine and pay a little more upfront.

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