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Thread: VPS for MyBB

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    VPS for MyBB

    Hello, I've got a VPS which I'm not using at the moment, I want to run a free mybb hosting service from it, I want to know what configurations are perfect to run mybb smoothly. I want to use a CP such as Webmin to manage everything, so anything that will work perfect will be good. And also I want to know a free company where I could set up DNS to use with my VPS because I've only got 1 IP address.

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    dmmcintyre3 runs MyBB on a VPS

    How to setup your VPS depends on how much RAM/CPU you have, and how many visitors your expect.
    My advice and reviews of VPS providers based on my personal experience:

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    Processor: 2x 2.8Ghz

    I'm going to buy this spec of this vps soon because my other vps is a low end box.

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