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    Getting Clients - Web Hosting

    Hi Guys,

    I know its "secret" to some extent - but how did you start to find clients for your web hosting businesses?

    Have you tried offline marketing? Like In-magazine flyers?

    Or are their more effective ways to get clients?

    I have a chance to have my own TV show on this new channel which has 7 million viewers worldwide - its an Asian channel - but I thought maybe I can get clients from there by talking about making websites etc - but not sure what conversion rate would be.

    Anyway - I'm based in London. Would anyone offer tips on getting new clients? or want to team up to get clients?

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    what are the demographics for that asian channel? if it's like primetime tv for 35+ year olds, you may either end up meeting a lot of small business or you'll end up with "how do i install a html inside my computer's" - do you have asian support in $whicheverlanguage?

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    That sounds like a fantastic marketing opportunity. Someone once told me "when your teaching, teach, and when your selling, sell, but don't do both at the same time". Having said that, if you could get 7 million viewers interested in your company, that would be awesome.

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    With the kind of competition in the hosting industry it would be very difficult to establish yourself in the market. However, the potential of the industry allows any new comers in the industry to share his own part of the clients. Start with offers are any freebies to attract the clients.

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    Nice that you have your own TV show which has 7 million viewers worldwide. By the way, are you targeting your market to Asian people (since it's Asian channel TV show)?
    And what about your audience's age, young people, oldies people? if they are mostly young modern people and know about technology/IT, it would be much easier for you to reach new clients from your TV show.
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    Advertising web hosting business on TV channel through TV shows is awaysome idea. However your success will depend on its viewer's age and telecast time of that particular show. As most of the student and youth is familiar with websites and internet surfing so they might be your future customer.

    Best of luck for new idea.

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    Have you tried offline marketing? Like In-magazine flyers?
    I suppose that is really good idea here. In any case people will know that they are close to you and have benefits of this.
    That is very important for clients feel that.

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