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    Munin plugin for Lighttpd and Apache in one machine with two IPs

    Dear all,

    We have a box (with WHM/CPanel if it's related),
    within that box I use two web servers: apache and lighty.
    For we have two IPs, Apache is serving one IP and lighty listen to the other IP.

    We use munin to monitor our machine, and munin has apache plugin. But AFAIK still no plugin for lighty. The only munin plugin for lighty is for Lighttpd2 from here, and when I tested it, it didn't work for lighty-1.

    I notice that some documents said that I should use apache's plugin, but I've already use it to read apache's own stats. And it's possible to use apache's plugin to read from two ports, but I don't think that it can read other IP (for in my case lighty uses different IP).

    So basically, does anyone know how can I display lighty to my munin?

    any help appreciated.



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    case closed

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    I guess you're right.

    In case anyone deals with my same issue,

    I modified apache's plugin so it make a separate instance,
    basically just copy the apache plugin to different file name,
    edit (e.g. using vi) and replace all 'apache' to 'lighty'.
    This will make the plugin to create different chart for lighty.
    and make sure it's ip (server-status URL) pointing secondary IP.

    simple solution which takes me days to solve.

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