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    Merchant facility help for new offshore company

    Hi, first post here after finding this site by accident.

    Wondering if anyone can help with our desired setup.

    We are forming a new offshore BVI registered company with Banking facilities in either Isle of Man or Hong Kong...not finalised which is best suited yet.

    We shall be operating a commercial website which sells 90% a downloadable product and the remaining 10% a hard item for shipment.

    All of this is new, so no history to show for this or any related business.

    One of the twists is that we give all of the funds from this site raised to our Charity which will be operating in South East Asia.

    The other twist is that we have a promotion for customers to buy product from our site which is a prize we are offering of considerable value. The thing is the prize has an indirect connection to adult products, but is not directly an adult product.

    This is a little difficult to explain without divulging the project, but we cannot do this just yet in public.

    I am wondering if anyone has any advice or recommendations for this.


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    Try PSBill, failsafe or GSPay they may be one of the few options available for you.

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