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    A little over a month ago I signed up with My first impression was very good because once payment was sent, my account was instantly setup and I received an email with my account details.

    The first few days I spent learning their control panel and uploading the files for my website.

    At this stage I did everything myself, but there were several times I contacted their support - and I received an instant reply for help.

    Speed of my site herearefrogs[dot]in is very good as well.

    After 1 month - I only have positive thoughts, no alarms, no earthquakes - everything is quiet and very nice.

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    Nice to see a review from someone who's actually happy lol

    Hope it continues that way "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    Good review. I suppose when customer is patient - company is patient and do more investment into customer service.

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    Should be good for static sites. I think they will appreciate your grace.
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    Guess you will be happy with your host in future too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fines View Post
    Guess you will be happy with your host in future too.
    That is very important I guess. If your web host will fall down that will not be good.

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    Thanks for the positive feedback!

    @Benrohed, our services support MySQL and PHP based sites as well, not just static sites.

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