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    Constent Brute Force Attacks

    Hi i run a vps with centos and cpanel installed i have CSF installed which seems to handle it and my passwords are randum numbers and letters im just wondering is there any way to stop being brute forced or is it something i need to live with.

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    Its something to live with. You can change the ports to your services, but its just security by obscurity.
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    Get WHM Xtra if it worries you, I got it other day...
    Not really tried it yet but seems to have alot of features.

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    I typically configure my firewall to allow access to services but only from specific IP addresses.

    i.e SSH (only my IP range allowed)
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    I like Fail2Ban... it should only take a few seconds to setup.
    It's part of the epel or rpmforge repo.
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    Change your SSH port definitely; if you don't change it, you get a lot of log noise (ie all the failed login attempts) which just makes life harder.

    To some extent, everything is security by obscurity; and there is at least some good value to be had by just presenting a smaller target to the world.

    Choose a nice high value - not just 2200 or something, as they scan one by one, and each scan attempt takes a finite amount of time. Max possible is in the 65000 range.

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    use iptables ratelimiting ...
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