I have ordered a new dedicated server (with 4 IP's).

The datacenter has set it up with one IP and I can access it through that IP (also with Directadmin).

However I know I will need to use another IP adresse for my second nameserver.

That leaves me with 2 IP's left..

I also want to install a SSL-cert on this server, and here is where I start to wonder what is possible..

Will I need to use the Third IP for this SSL-cert (or is it possible to use any if the nameserver IP's..)???

I ordered the server with 4 IP's but the datacenter delivered it with only one, and said I will have to ask when I need more. Guess that's normal..

But.. Do they (technicaly) have to know what I will use the IP's for or could I just ask them to setup all four at once..?