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    Remote Telnet connection on port 80 + block

    Hello guys,

    Is it possible to restrict telnet connection from remote to my server(linux -centos5)?

    Ex : [[email protected]]# telnet 80
    Connected to (
    Escape character is '^]'.


    Telnet server is not running in my server. And we have a site running at port 80. Is it possible that remote system should not use telnet to check the port 80 to my server?

    And more that is there any possibility that remote system can attack via telnet using port 80?

    Thanks in advance


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    If you have a site running on port 80. Your only way to block clients from connnecting is to restrict access by IP's or simply don't offer that service.

    There are various other ways to check is port X responding to connections so i don't get why in earth you would like to block only telnet since it uses the very same TCP protocal than any other software connecting to port X.
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