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    Desperate for fully managed windows dedicated hosting in EU

    Hello all,
    I am looking and becoming desperate for a fully managed dedicated or virtual windows host in EU. We currently have a experimental VPS at netdirekt and shared hosting at discountAsp (they are really good) but we are going to need at least a virtual server if not dedicated machine. We don't have any admins so we want to outsource administration, that is why we are looking for fully managed servers. By fully managed I mean something like IWeb level 5:

    Managed Hosting Services & Assistance
    24/7 Emergency Support
    Ping Monitoring
    Monitoring of server services with email notification
    System and Log Files Monitoring
    Bad Surprise Insurance
    O/S Security Updates
    Security Vulnerabilities Updates
    Security Audit
    Software Firewall Management (Linux)
    Server Resources Monitoring
    24x7 Monitoring, Notification, and Response

    I already contacted Hetzner (no), Netdirekt (no), DiscountAsp (no), IWeb (good, but only in Canada)

    Any suggestions?


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    Hetzner has managed server. Did you check it?
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    Yes, I spoke with Hetzner support yesterday. They have managed servers, but only linux machines. So they told me no. The same answer from Netdirekt. There are lots of fully managed dedicated windows hostings in USA, but here in EU I cannot find any. It would be best in Germany, Austria or Italy.
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    In NL most companies do offer managed services, shouldn't be hard to find. Might cost you more than in the USA though, as you would also need a SLA for the 24x7 demand.
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    If you are looking for the same prices as the companies you list, I would be desperate also.
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