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    Thumbs up - The Power Builder!

    No, it is not a Body Builder, it is a Server Builder!

    I searched around, looked for a better price, etc... but I ended up getting the servers from Chong.

    Why? I will make it simple:

    1. Price is fair and affordable
    2. Knowledgeable in hardware ( he knows what is best for it )
    3. Very organized with the server setup
    4. Will do some extra work for you ( i.e installing OS )
    5. Fast response even on Sat/Sun ( the one I need )
    6. Honest/Professional

    You can't go wrong with Chong. One thing that I like from Chong is you really get what you are paying. What you ordered is what you get and on time in delivering the server.

    I recommend him without a doubt.

    Keep it up Chong!
    Specially 4 You
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    Another thumbs up for Apaqdigital from me. Plus, Chong is always offering helpful advice on these forums.

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    I've currently got a server order placed with him (first time), am looking forward to it!

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    I only have a couple of servers from Chong/Apaqdigital, but they are the highest quality and built fast. I go to him when I need something urgently and need the best quality.

    He has also helped me out numerous times on these forums with free hardware advice for my own personal projects/sites when I build my own servers.

    *Thumbs up*
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    I build all my own servers, but I have also been impressed with Chong's participation on this forum. His advice has easily saved me hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, and hours of time, helping to buy the right hardware that's compatible with everything. I've also seen a couple quotes on hardware from him cross my desk and have been impressed with the pricing.
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    Does this guy only build for larger buys? I emailed for a custom Supermicro server and he just responded that they didn't build servers and only sell what is on the website...

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    I've seen what looked like a fairly custom quote for an order for like 6 servers. Not sure if he'll do anything really custom for a single server.
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    We order in smaller quantities from apaq pretty frequently (probably have about 30 servers from them in total). We'll usually start with one of the links from the web page and ask for a quote with any customizations needed (ecc ram, re drives, ipmi, etc). Never had a problem getting a custom quote for one or two servers at a time. He's usually pretty helpful in letting us know if theres any specific component that would affect price significantly.

    At a previous job, we ordered about 24 servers at once that we had pretty specific requirements for, and we had no problem specifying things from the ground up down to the specific motherboard, brand of components, etc.

    Besides what everyone else has said, a convenient thing about working with apaq is that they add a warranty on top of the manufacturers for the first year, so if anything goes wrong he cross ships out a replacement with a prepaid return label. No hassles either, once I emailed asking if he had seen a problem before because I suspected that it may have been an issue on my end rather than hardware; he told me not to worry, sent a replacement and did the checks on his end.

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    Chong is really a professional and nice guy!
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  10. thanks a lot for all the kind words, folks!

    yes, we do take server orders in small quantities or "one at a time" as well as built-to-spec servers to a certain degree. we don't sell standalone components/accessories/appliances, and we don't do AMD based servers nor twin-node's/quad-node's/blades. generally speaking, we don't like to sell servers with high percentage of special order, non-stock components which we can't provide advance RMA replacements. if we can't do advance RMA, then we rather not to sell.

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    It's long time not to work with Chong, since we moved all servers to Seattle. But we will contact him soon when we build systems back in the east coast. As he stated, and other confirmed, he does build one server at time, or custom build. One of the best server builders I have worked with.

    Thanks Chong!

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    Another big thumbs up for Chong. He's always come through for us - fast response, fair prices and excellent builds. We've only ever had one piece of hardware fail - it was a bad RAM chip (obviously not Chong's fault) and an advance replacement part was sent to us immediately.

    I'd honestly give Chong/Apaq a 15/10 rating. It's extremely refreshing to deal with a responsive, knowledgeable, fair, honest and professional guy like Chong!
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