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    * assign new ip serveur

    i have dedicated server with whm/cpanel


    Existing Server/Service Name:

    Existing Primary IP:

    i have 5 useable ip, and all work fine

    i have order an new 13 useable ip :
    New IP Assignment: <-----------------------
    The first two IPs (network & gateway) and the last IP (broadcast) in your assignment are unusable for you.
    /28 (13 usable) NETMASK =
    /27 (29 usable) NETMASK =
    /26 (61 usable) NETMASK =
    /25 (125 usable) NETMASK =
    /24 (253 usable) NETMASK =
    For subnet calculation, please see:
    Useable IPs: (13 useable)

    i have added the 13 useable ip but all the ip not work

    and this domain not work allbytel .net !!!!!!!!!!
    if i assign main shared ip allbytel .net work
    but if i assign for it a new ip like to allbytel .net not work

    i have contacted dmehosting but she say "You need to check your configurations" !!!!!

    please help and thak you

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    I could find that the website is resolving fine from the server.
    It is pointing to IP
    Please make sure the IP change has reflected in your(http) configuration file also.

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    Please check your nameservers

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    thank you for your answer
    how i do this please "has reflected in your(http) configuration file also"
    i have purchase this new ip and i have do this in Cpanel/Whm Main >> IP Functions >> Add a New IP Address, and this new ip has been added fine, and i have assigned this new ip or any new ip to allbyte. net but not work, if i assign any old ip to allbyte. net it work fine. you can see
    intodns. com/allbytel. net with new ip
    intodns. com/evrest. net with old ip

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    Please check your apache configuration file.( /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf ) This is a very important file, take care while editing this file.

    Serach for your website name in the file and check which IP is shown in the file( if it is main shared IP, change it to your new IP, save and close the file).

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    thank you
    i use cpanel/whm then httpconf is edited auto by cpanel

    i not need to change anithing

    ServerName allbytel. net


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    Hi.. In some cases, the file is not updated eve if it is changed in cpanel/whm. If you have not checked it, please check so that it its confirmed. Thanks.

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    httpd.conf is ok
    when i check dns i have this

    ERROR: No reverse DNS (PTR) entries. The problem MX records are: -> no reverse (PTR) detected
    You should contact your ISP and ask him to add a PTR record for your ips

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    Fist change the IP address for the domain name to shared IP address and check the entries in


    If the domain name appears in the file remove it.

    Then try to change the IP for the domain name.


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