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    CMS Help

    I currently have a website that displays homework assignments for a class:
    To add/edit homework, I currently need to edit the raw code from the index.php file.

    What I would like to create is a simple CMS that allows me to add/edit/delete homework easily. I was thinking about just having a page like /admin and it would ask me for a username and password. There, all the classes would be listed with form fields to add homework, or options to edit old homework.

    I know very little PHP so I cannot fully custom code this. If there are any systems that I could easily modify to work for my site, that'd be great. Does anyone here know one that I could use?

    It doesn't matter if the CMS uses a database or not. I think it should be database driven because I will probably add different users who are only allowed to edit certain things.


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    Wordpress would be a good start. You install a basic site and then extend it with Plugins and Install a theme for the appearance. You can change things really easily and quickly by logging into the control panel. I have a few tutorials on getting started on my site, just go to the menu bar at the top and select tutorials

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