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    Thumbs down My bad experience with GoDaddy VPS

    I have a Linux VPS server with Godaddy. I recently made a mistake. Left something open, some hackers took advantage of it and when I came to notice, I had exceeded my bandwidth.

    My allowance is 500Gb and I by the time I noticed I had used about 590Gb. I checked my account and found that I could add temporary additional bandwidth. There's a dropdown list in 1Gb increments at $0.20/Gb. The problem is it's largest value is 32Gb and I needed about 80Gb. So I decided to let them bill my at the end of the month, since now I now how much it costs and I still didn't know at that time how much more bandwidth I was gonna need until the end of the month.

    The month ended and my credit card gets automatically charged for $141.95!! That's for 95Gb I went over, which means I got charged at $1.49421/Gb!!!

    I immediately went online and used their online chat service. I asked the rep where in their site did it say the rate at which they would charge any bandwidth overage, besides the one I found for $0.20/Gb. He asked me to hold, that he would look for it. After a while he gave up, but said "It must be here somewhere". He asked me to to call the billing dept. because he can't help me with billing anymore. So I got on the phone (I'm outside US so wanted to avoid the long waiting). I finally get a rep "Bill from billing" who's very friendly at first. When I explained the situation and asked him where on his site I could find the outrageous rate he also started looking and looking. I could hear him groaning and complaining "it's not here... wait... it's gotta be here somewhere". He finally gave up and said he didn't find it. He then referred to the terms of service I agreed when I hired their services. He says it mentions that I agree to pay any penalties involved in exceeding the bandwidth. So he can't help me, even if he wanted to, he's not allowed to make any changes to what they bill me. So basically he blew me off and said nothing could be done.

    So I'm outraged. I expected a $19 bill and got a $141.95 one. Unfortunately I'm outside USA, so it's not easy for me to try to start a lawsuit or something like that. But at least, I'll definitely will be moving everything out of there ASAP. I know taking my business out of their hands is not gonna hurt them a bit, and I know maybe $141.95 is not a great deal of money for some people. But I simply cannot continue paying someone who is not straightforward with what they're gonna charge me. Besides their website has been getting so more cluttered and complicated over the years, I have to keep my eyes open to find what I'm looking for.

    So anybody working with them, please be careful, especially with the cluttered website which is not clear with their costs.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to get my money back, I'll be glad to hear it.

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    Even if you can file a lawsuit, you will just add cost to your 141.95 dollars problem already which is your main reason why you are complaining about GoDaddy.

    The best you can do if they can't work with you is to move on and look for another provider. Do what you can with less hassle.
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    Yeah, you would not be able to sue them, 1) They have a big legal team 2) It cost about $250/hour for a lawyer in the usa. When you signed their terms you agreed to the price they charge per GB overage. They do this because if the data center knows how much traffic to expect (You Prepay for it) it causes less problems, and they can expand accordingly. There is nothing else that can be done, as stated before, probably best to find a different hosting company that can meet your needs.

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    What did you leave open that allowed them in?

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    Hello Dear,

    Our friendly suggestion is that you have to move to other provider, we can feel that its big amount for you but now you can't do anything, so forget it and move on...

    there are lot of good host in market, you have to visit to offer forum ...

    Thanks in advance


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    If I were you, I wouldn't host any websites with GoDaddy (shared, VPS or anything) - I just feel they're only good as a domain registrar.
    I sometimes use GoDaddy as an alternative domain registrar - some friends asked me to help them to register domains at GoDaddy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WaQas View Post
    Our friendly suggestion is that you have to move to other provider, we can feel that its big amount for you but now you can't do anything, so forget it and move on...

    there are lot of good host in market, you have to visit to offer forum ...
    I cannot believe that you would have the temerity to tell someone to stiff a hosting provider on a bill like that. Put the shoe on the other foot... what if YOU were the host and the op was your customer? You would want to be paid, right? What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

    With a business philosophy like that, I certainly would never use your hosting services, due to your questionable business ethics.

    Blazer79: you did, unfortunately, admit that this was your fault for leaving something open, so you should man up and pay the bill. I would reach out to GoDaddy again and see if there is a middle ground that could be reached. Hopefully they'll be humanistic enough to meet you in the middle.

    Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware): It's ALWAYS cheaper to PRE-PURCHASE or PREPAY bandwidth overages than it is after the fact. Unexpected BW overages are a bonus way for hosting providers to generate revenue. It's also a hosting provider's way of telling you that you are ultimately responsible for monitoring all aspects of your account, including bandwidth utilization. If you see that you're at risk of going over your monthly allocation, prepurchase additional BW. You'll save yourself quite a bit of money in doing so.

    Good luck, Blazer79.
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    I recommend that you look in the offer forum on wht. Choose someone who is serious and maybe not always the cheapest.

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