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Thread: How abt SSL

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    Question How abt SSL

    I get warning when i do the server security test in cpanel

    Cipher list []. Due to weaknesses in the SSLv2 cipher you should disable SSLv2 in WHM > Apache Configuration > Global Configuration > SSLCipherSuite > Add -SSLv2 to SSLCipherSuite and/or remove +SSLv2. Do not forget to Save AND then Rebuild Configuration and Restart Apache, otherwise the changes will not take effect in httpd.conf

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    Yes. I suggest to disable SSLv2 cipher in WHM. The issue here is that SSLv2 is vulnerable to MitM style of attacks. It uses weaker ciphers for encryption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WEBCRAFT-TUCKY View Post
    I get warning when i do the server security test in cpanel
    Is it the test in CSF firewall?

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