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    hostmonster banners

    I was about to sign up with hostmonster but something in the TOS caught my eye

    "Cookies for Banner Rewards Program. To offer Subscribers continued savings, uses cookies to help monitor the traffic generated from banners and logo buttons displayed on Subscribers' websites. For every new Subscriber that is introduced to through a Subscriber's website, the Subscriber receives a credited discount."

    I'm assuming this is optional but I wanted to make sure that they don't force their banners and ads onto your site.

    I'm also open to other hosting suggestions; these are the characteristics of my site:

    simple personal website for my art
    mid-res images (around 800x600)
    embedded vimeo and soundcloud video/music
    i plan to include an online store, but i'm not expecting insane traffic at this point


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    Yeah, they don't put banners on your website, however your website requirements are very little, you can pretty much go with any company.
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