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    MX questions

    I am an end user and I have several domains with their respective e-mail accounts which I manage myself.
    I have signed a contract with a large multinational which is allowing me to use one of their domain names (let's call it associated e-mail ([email protected]), however the web site must be hosted on their servers and they do not wish to manage the e-mails.
    They have told me "tell me where to point the MX"...

    My question: if I give them the MX of one my current domains, will I be able to send mails with the address? or will I be limited to the to which it is pointed?

    If this were possible how should the MX records be written, would it be: MX 10

    Thanks for your help because as you can probably guess I am quite confused.

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    Yes you will be abe to send using address.
    The MX address will be your mailserver so check what the mx record is for your current

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    I suggest you also ask the admins of to also include in their SPF record as a permitted sender.

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    Yes, you can send mails with the address but if they include your domain name in their SPF record as a permitted sender then it will be better for you.

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