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    Thumbs up Jodohost saved the day

    About 6 weeks ago I slammed Jodohost pretty hard on some problems their server was having and it took them a long time to fix it - but they eventually did. They ended up having to move everything from one server to another and apparently it was quite involved.

    Today I want to give them kudos because they saved me.

    An intern working for me somehow deleted a client account and I didn't even know it for 3 days. I urgently contaced JH and they took the time to find the database and send it to me so I could restore it. I am so grateful that they could/would do this even days after the deletion.

    Thank you JodoHost team! You have totally redeemed yourselves.

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    Glad to hear there are hosts that go the extra mile!

    Well done JodoHost.

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    It's good to see customers sharing the good things when they happen, not just the bad ones.

    I'm sure that Stephen will love to read your post.

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    Jodohost is a good partner.

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    Nice to hear you are lucky with your host.

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    That's great to hear they were able to help you in a rough spot like that.

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