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    Little help with paypal


    I am from Bosnia and for a long time we were only able to use paypal for deposit and send money (so i didnt use it).

    From time to time i check their site to see if anything changed and i just noticed this:

    Send. Receive. Withdraw to a U.S. Bank Account or a card.

    Send and receive payments in these countries. Withdraw from your PayPal account to a U.S. bank account. In addition, withdraw to a credit, debit, or prepaid card in countries marked with a ().
    and there is Bosnia and Herzegovina on that list:

    So can someone help me understand it (coz my English is not that great)

    It says that countries on that list can send, receive and withdraw just to US banks accounts or to cards issued by US banks? Or i can withdraw to cards issued my banks in my country?

    I know i should contact paypal about this but they take about 2 days to replay..


    I just noticed that before this list there is one that says

    Send. Receive. Withdraw to a Local or U.S. Bank Account or a card.
    So i guess i can only use the withdraw with US banks.

    I was reading before that virtual banks like Payoneer are in fact US banks? So does that mean i could get Payoneer card and withdraw money from paypal to it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zvjezdan View Post
    Send. Receive. Withdraw to a Local or U.S. Bank Account or a card.
    As I can understand (correct me if I'm wrong), Withdraw to Local means to get/receive money to your Local Bank account.
    From that statement above, it uses 2 (two) 'or' words, so I assume there are 3 options to Withdraw: to your Local Bank Account, to U.S Bank account, OR, to your card (Credit Card).

    You may want to confirm this with PayPal though, so you can get the detail/right answer from them.
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    I understand that part.. but when it's says:

    Send. Receive. Withdraw to a U.S. Bank Account or a card.
    For me it sounds like:

    Withdraw to a U.S.
    - Bank Account
    - Card

    Anyway i sent email to paypal so i will update this when i get replay.

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    you can receive money to your local country bank only this message is just to inform you this nothing more then that

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    The wording is quite confusing. :/

    I can see logic in either interpretation. Call/email and ask to be sure.

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    Wow... just got replay from paypal. While sending ticket i picked "withdrawal" from dropdown menu because it seemed to me they would know best about this subject and i got this replay.

    The email address you have contacted us from is not a confirmed email on
    a PayPal account. In the interest of our members security we cannot send
    any account information to an email address which has not yet been
    and then step-by-step how to confirm account.

    And i didnt even ask any account related question.

    It was just:

    Can users from Bosnia withdraw to debit cards that were issued by local banks.
    Can users from Bosnia apply for "PayPal Debit Card".

    I guess i will have to send question again but this time list it under general questions.

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