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    Question Routing Subnet on Hetzner Dedicated Servers


    Just a really quick query which I am sure somebody else has manage to work out in the past...

    I am running VMWare on a Hetzner server and I have an additional subnet routed to the server, but due to restrictions the subnet is routed to the main server, not the guest's vms. I have followed a guide on how to edit the network config (running Debian) on the Hetzner wiki with help from Google Translate but no such luck in getting it working, I have also followed a guide on an independent blog ( but again, no such luck. Anyone got any ideas on how to proceed? I can get network config files etc and pop them on the forum if you require any additional details. I am sure it has been done before, just I am obviously missing something :-(.

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    Take a look here : and here : (VMware assign external IP addresses through NAT - Page in German, you need to translate it)

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    Thanks for the links, hopefully article number 2 will do the trick, will give it a go now and see what happens. Out of curiosity how will this work with licensing software that checks the machine's IP as surely it'll report the IP of the internal network, not the natted external IP.



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    So I have done this exactly how it describes however although I can connect from the outside world, once on the guest I can't get back out again.

    Any other suggestions guys?


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    Oooops worked it out, helps if you put an -s tag rather than a -d tag in the outbound routing!

    Thanks for your help guys.

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