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    We have recently upgraded our website to a ready made website template freely available on the web. This template is run on Wordpress.

    It's just with all themes and templates it doesn't come with content/ pictures/ about us etc. etc.
    I'm just looking for someone who can add value to this template by writing content and adding pictures to make it into a proper website?
    No design work is required, as everything is there, I only need someone who has experience in designing and starting a web hosting website to fill up the empty/blank spaces to make our website complete and beautiful.

    I don't have much time and my designer is off on annual leave thus the reason why I would like to out source this.

    The URL can be found on my signature and if you visit it you will probably know exactly what I mean and what I require.

    Many thanks,
    Swift Hosting
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    Hi there,

    We can help you with this tonight. Send us an email at kidly123 @ gmail dot com if your interested in getting this started ASAP

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