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    Is cloud hosting appropriate for my needs?


    If anyone could provide some advice on my situation, it would be greatly appreciated.

    I am looking into possibly moving a web site to cloud hosting. My site gets a few thousand hits a month, requires about 60gb of bandwidth (and growing), and about 10gb of storage (and growing). I do a lot of podcasting and my current host (Godaddy shared hosting) is terrible. I'm looking for something that offers easy storage and bandwidth scalability which is why I am interested in cloud hosting.

    However, I've never used dedicated, vps, or cloud hosting before, only shared, so I'm not real familiar what all is involved with maintaining a VPS or cloud host. Ideally, I'm looking to just run my website, not have to worry about managing a server but need to be able to have a host that can scale bandwidth and storage at a reasonable price. I'm looking to spend about $30 at most.

    Is cloud hosting something that would work well for a situation like this? Or what sort of hosting should I be looking at? What about looking for just a cloud storage host, and hosting the actual site on a shared host?

    I've been looking at and KnownHost. Though neither seems to fit my needs in the budget I have to work with. Hence my thought of maybe shared hosting plus a cloud storage solution.

    Again, any advice you guys could provide would be great, as this stuff is a little over my head. Thanks.

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    not sure, id try mediatemple. i never had problems with them!

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    Thanks for the recommendation!

    If you're looking to stay with shared hosting, we can definitely fit your needs. I would suggest using something like S3 storage to hold onto that growing content. We also offer a vps that could accommodate your specific needs right off the bat, and you can scale with a few clicks.

    Let us know if we can help out with anything else.
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