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    Windows VPS Recommendation


    Im looking for an unmanaged Windows VPS from a solid and reliable host.

    Im gonna host an online store with only 200 visitors a day.

    The web app runs on Cold Fusion and SQL Express 2008. Though, Im gonna take care of the Cold Fusion and SQL part, thats not something Im looking in the VPS package.

    I need Windows Server 2003 Standard

    1500-2000 MB RAM

    The minimum amount of storage and bandwidth should be fine.

    Im planning to spend around $50/month.

    Im looking for a US based datacenter from a US based company.

    Any recommendations are welcome.

    Thank you...

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    They have managed only and $100 for 2000mb ram. Thats more than my budget.

    Quote Originally Posted by semoweb View Post
    Have you took a look at Host dimes windows vps?

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    Hello Dear,
    i strongly recommended you to go with http://www.************.com/

    Thanks in advance


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    Have you checked the offers section yet ? And do you have any preference for virtualization such as hyper-v or something ?
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    Looking at ************ now. $70 for 1536mb ram. Still slightly above my budget but they look promising.

    No, I dont have a virtualization preference. I even dont know if Hyper-V can virtualize win2003 server? I also read somewhere that virtuozzo uses more ram than xen does but I dont know how true is that.

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    These guys are definitely within in your budget. They also have the OS that you are looking for.

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    I'll recommend you to get at least 2GB RAM since you need MS SQL Server. I'll also recommend you to look out for a host who has some kind of redundant network / power available on host machine along with (at least) weekly backups of VPS images. These are the features that will turn out to be critical in case of any issues encountered with network/power or loss of data due to hardware failure.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you Peter_Net and Softsys Hosting for the additional info and recommendations.

    I have found two good options for my needs (premiumreseller and Softsys Hosting). I will be making a decision in a couple of days.

    Thanks a lot all.

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    I highly recommend Server Complete. Daniel is a good guy.

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