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    Adding a subdomain with external nameservers

    The client I am working for has a server setup with nameservers at, and VPS with godaddy.

    In order to create a subdomain I have added the subdomain in Plesk and set the A record in the account to point to -> vps ipaddress.

    I am getting no action currently when I ping the subdomain so I am wondering if I am just waiting on the dns info or if there are any other changes that need to be made?

    Thank you in advance

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    I'd first clear your local machine's DNS cache. Then test. If it's still not resolving,then you should use something like this to see if the hostname is resolving to the proper IP there.
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    Probably a configuration issue. You can also use
    to query the nameserver directly.
    Quote Originally Posted by energeebuzz View Post
    set the A record in the account to point to -> vps ipaddress
    If you did exactly that then you've pointed to your VPS IP address. In the A record you should use either "subdomain" or "" (the final period makes a big difference). Some web UIs will correct this very common mistake automatically, IDK about

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