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    First review

    Firstly let me apologize for my English. It is not my native.

    I was unsure that web hosting in Canada will be fine for me. But now when I'm in Europe and web hosting in Canada I'm willing to let you know that I'm happy and my location and location of my web hosting does not really matter.

    Uptime is very good and I guess it is around 100%. In any case I'm going to put my web site to test and would appreciate if you can let me know what is the best place to do that.

    Web hosting account activation was instant. So I did not wait at all after sending payment.

    I contact support only once - because I needed some help with Cpanel and I was responded very fast with correct answer.

    I'm about 1 month there and there is nothing bad to say about Metric Hosting Ltd. works good for me and if that is allowed and possible I may recommend this one for anyone.

    Sorry my English is not good at the moment.

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    Nice to hear that you don't have any problems with your host, thanks for sharing your experience

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    Thanks for sharing your review!

    What is the domain you have hosted with
    HOSTLEET.COM, LLC - Elite Website Hosting Since 2008!
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    U.S.A Based & Operated Read Through Our Most F.A.Q's!

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    Good review.
    Nice to hear you are happy with them.
    That is always nice to hear someone is happy with his web host!

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    Nice review. That's good you are with a good host. - is my web site.

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    Yeah man good review some of my friends also using this. It is good.

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