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    * Shared Web Hosting as a Prizes


    I'm thinking of having some event on my website, like ask for advice, follow my twitter, etc.

    And thinking about shared web hosting as prizes. I will pay the first bill of the web hosting account and give it to the winner.

    Why I'm thinking about free web hosting as prizes, because it is intangible, so I do not have difficulty for shipping it. (I don't know who will be the winner, right?)

    What do you think?

    One more thing, no, I don't have any web hosting company...
    And my website do not related to web hosting, SEO, and things like that.
    I have cooking website....

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    That is epic. I thought you was going somewhere with that until I got to the bottom of the post. Cooking Websites, I love to eat and I'm a skinny type of guy. How would you know who wins what? Oh and I think I understand you now. You would go to a hosting company and pay the first month for a person who was the winner from your drawings. That's rather kind of you.

    Promoting your Cooking Shows are we? I like Rack of Lamb please
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    I think it would be a good idea. However there are lots of "Free website hosting providers out there" Maybe something closer to do with cooking?.. I'll try to think of something for you.

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    Do the people who need a WebSite and emails know what Hosting is?

    If they do, I'm pretty sure they already know how to get a WebSite for "Free" or so.

    If they don't know what it is, then is more probable they want a Website instead of hosting.
    Is like giving a way Gas for people who want a car but don't know what Gas is nor they'll need it once they get the car.

    Why not you better offer a Website and Emails(that is, a hosting account with a SiteBuilder).?

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    Giving Shared Web Hosting as a Prizes is good idea. But there is numerous web host that are offering free web hosting to people.

    "jagarco" is right. If someone is familiar with web hosting then he/she will be also familiar with the source from where he/she can get free hosting.

    However, I want to suggest first try and see what is your visitors response for your events.

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