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    Question Server uptime monitoring

    What is the best way for monitoring the server uptime (via an internal script)?

    To me, when the memory usage falls down to 0, the server is down, but the provider does not accept the statistical graphs reported in SolusVM. How I can fully monitor the total uptime of my server and consequently my websites?

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    I use to monitor mine, I also have two other services that do it, One is from my provider. One if which won't notify me but lets me check if the other are working.

    google has a good list, just search "site uptime monitor" without the " ".

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    Its not recommended to monitor the uptime using an internal script, as it cannot alert you at the down time.

    Its better to add the server to monitoring tools like Nagios, Sabix. Or you can opt paid services like pingdom alert.

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    Pingdom also offers a free account that might be sufficient for your needs!

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    Having tried a few others over the years (both for neosurge and for client/customer setups) including pingdom, alertra, monitis and self hosted options like ubersmith, zabbix and nagios we're currently happy using pingdom.
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    You can use pingdom. The offer a free account with 20 SMS alerts for one website. Have used this for quite a while now, and am very pleased.

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