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    Fraud Order -> Accept Order


    Now I was taking quick notice of my orders this morning and noticed one guy order and it was fraud. User changed some details and then ordered again, but it was accept this time. Funny thing: Didn't use promotion, Didn't open support ticket about order.

    I never had this happen but had a lot of fraud orders. Should I just keep a close eye on what he does?

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    I suggest contacting him. Do not activate anything before you are actually sure he's not a fraudster.

    Ask for identification proof and make sure the name matches the one he signed up with.
    If he is paying via paypal, make sure that you send an email to the account to see if it matches the same owner.

    Enough things you can do, most fraudsters don't even bother responding so if he cooperates I see no harm - Online in no time
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    What triggered it as fraud in the first place? Was it just a typo or mis-selected dropdown box?
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    I looked all I noticed he changed his name (added an s) then removed the s he added. Order was then accepted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RapidServers_ View Post
    I looked all I noticed he changed his name (added an s) then removed the s he added. Order was then accepted.
    That's odd. I always thought address plays more important role in fraud checks.

    Give him a call to be sure. Or search for the domain he used with the order. You might come up with something.
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    I'd recommend you give him a call - if you can reach him at the number he ordered with he is likely not fraudulent - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    We voice verify each and every new client. It really works well against fraud. After all, in an emergency situation a supplier should be able to reach their client as fast as possible, so it benefits both parties if we make sure that the listed phone number is correct. Your Business deserves our Quality - Experts on Hand since 2005. Europe & US locations, we operate our own network AS35017
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    You can also use phone verification during checkout. Either way, call to welcome him/her as a client and verify the order at the same time.
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    You should call him to ensure his or her order, as well as conform details filled up by client. After verifying all details you can check that new client is a fraud or not.

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    This may be down to how you have configured your Fraud security. For example is your detection software set up to be more lenient with existing clients than with new ones?... it might be worth double checking that. I think that requesting proof of ID and a telephone check would also be a sensible way forward.

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