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    Difference between Baby & Business plan of Hostgator

    I just want to switch to Hostgator.
    Well the Baby plan suits me as I've site with downloads of 1GB/day and more than 15 domains hosted.

    I'm wondering about difference between Baby & Business plan.
    I'm not sure if these additional features in Business would help me:
    1. Toll free number ( I'm not from US)
    2. Free dedicate IP ( why would I need this?)
    3. Free private SSL ( I'm not accepting any payments currently, even if I accept for one my site, it'll through payment gateway like Paypal, that is it'd go to Paypal for payment ordering)
    4. Anonymous FTP (Do I need it? What's the use of it?)

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    A toll free number is not one thing I could see to use of you, But the

    Dedicated IP is a static IP that is your and will not change. So if you have any software (eg. Livezilla or things with FTP Hookup) it is easier to put the dedicated IP into the app.

    If you are not selling any stuff you do not need a SSL for that, but if you are going to have a site with client information it might be a good idea.

    And the Anonymous FTP is there so people can upload things via FTP to your site without a Username. But who knows!

    Best of luck!
    - zack

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    Whatever differences these plans has can surely be answered by the HG sales rep.
    So, I suggest you to email, call or chat the sales rep.
    Ask for Server IP & Nameservers IP to check if your reseller provider truly provides 100% white-label.

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    They have a really nice comparison table with a link called Compare All Hosting Plans. Check it out.
    Hosting is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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