The weather is getting better and the days are getting longer and so people are spending more time outside. Online time is getting shorter, as people are anxious to blow out the winter's cobwebs and so now, more than ever you need to be the best in order to compete for people's attention. Will you lose visitors, and hence see your sales or your ad revenue drop?

It is common for there to be seasonal fluctuations in the amount of traffic that a website receives. This can be caused by seasonal cash flow-with, for instance, people being strapped for cash following Christmas and so less likely to be buying from you. It can also be weather related, with people spending more time indoors (and hence online) in the worst weather, and less time indoors in the summer time.

When visitor traffic is already likely to be dropping, you have to fight all the harder to win the visitors over that are available. There are certain things that can help you.

Firstly you need to gain search engine attention. You can do this by providing content on your site that people want to read-and this can be in the form of both articles that provide information or that are interesting to read, or else in the form of forum posts. These posts again should be interesting to read and provide relevant information.

Secondly you have the chance to win visitors through word of mouth. Personal recommendations are a wonderful way to gain loyal visitors, and you can gain recommendations by having a site that is useful to people, or that offers services that they want to use.

Not everyone can provide the content by themselves. Writing high quality articles can be difficult, and worse-making sufficiently large numbers of forum posts can be near impossible. More so since the posts need to be from multiple users to entice interaction.

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