CINFU.COM special offer -50% discount for new customers!

We offer self-managed (unmanaged) VPS Servers:
VPS1 - 256MB RAM - 40GB HDD - 1x1GHz CPU - 3.76EUR - 50% = 1.88EUR /month
VPS2 - 512MB RAM - 60GB HDD - 1x2GHz CPU - 5.50EUR - 50% = 2.75EUR /month
VPS3 - 1024MB RAM - 100GB HDD - 2x2GHz CPU - 11.29EUR - 50% = 5.65EUR /month
VPS4 - 2048MB RAM - 150GB HDD - 3x3GHz CPU - 17.08EUR - 50% = 8.54EUR /month
VPS5 - 4096MB RAM - 300GB HDD - 4x3GHz CPU - 37.36EUR - 50% = 18.68EUR /month
VPS6 - 8192MB RAM - 400GB HDD - 4x3GHz CPU - 57.63EUR - 50% = 28.82EUR /month
VPS7 - 12288MB RAM - 500GB HDD - 5x3GHz CPU - 98.47EUR - 50% = 49.24EUR /month
VPS8 - 16384MB RAM - 600GB HDD - 6x3GHz CPU - 110.05EUR - 50% = 55.03EUR /month

All VPS plans is with unmetered up to 100mbps speed data transfer!

All VPS plans details you can find here:

Our servers is in Germany.

Important discount information:
- Discount is valid for new customers only.
- Discount is valid for first order only.
- First order period can by for 1-36 months.
- Discount is not valid for services renewal and for existing customers.
- Discount is valid to VPS, Shared Hosting and Reseller plans only.

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Even more! Read this:
If you plan to order a two-year or three-year plan, there will be additional discount! Special monthly price with 10% or 20% discount will be applied + you will get additional -50% discount with this 50off cupon code! Yearly and cupon discounts is aggregated!

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FAQ about CINFU:

What virtualization you are using?
We use OpenVZ.

What OS you offer on VPS servers?
CentOS 4
CentOS 5
Debian 5.0
Debian 6.0
Fedora 13
Fedora 14
Suse 11.2
Suse 11.3
Ubuntu 10.10
Ubuntu 10.04
Ubuntu 8.04
Ubuntu 9.10

Do you offer VPS with Windows OS?
No. All our VPS is with Linux OS.
But you can install GUI Gnome on your VPS as instructed here:
Then you can connect to your VPS server Gnome GUI via VNC client.
And install Wine (windows emulator) as instructed here:
So, some of windows programms will run on Linux OS GUI.

Do your VPS plans is with guaranted RAM?
Yes, all RAM in VPS is guaranted. For stability reasons we do not offer burstable RAM.

Can I get test IP?

Do you allow warez, pirated software or warez linking?

Do you allow torrents or other file sharing sites/services?

Do you allow adult contents?

Where can I find your Acceptable Use Policy?

Where can I find your Terms of Service?

Do you offer managed services or unmanaged?
We offer unmanaged (self-managed) VPS services.

What Web hosting Control Panels you can offer?
If you need Web hosting control panel for your VPS, we can offer DirectAdmin or CPanel for additional monthly fees:
DirectAdmin control panel - 5.00 EUR/month
CPanel control panel - 12.00 EUR/month
Or you can choose free Kloxo control panel (Kloxo Host in a Box).

What payment methods you accepting?
We accepting: Visa Mastercard (via Paypal), PayPal, Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, AlertPay, cashU, Fasterpay (banks in UK), liqpay, OKPAY, Bitcoin and SMS payments.

Can I pay by SMS for your services?
Yes, SMS payments is available in 59 countries. You can find more information about SMS payments here:

How long does it takes to setup VPS server after payment?
Most of the time - Instantly, it depends on several reasons, one of them: payment method.
If you order DirectAdmin or CPanel, then your server will be ready only after we get control panel licesne for your VPS.

Can I order additional IPs for my VPS?
Yes, you can order up to 5 additional IPs for one VPS plan. Every additional IP address costs +3EUR/month.

Can I change my VPS IP address RDNS (reverse DNS hostname)?
Yes, open ticket with request on our control panel.

Do you offer affiliate program?
Yes we offer affiliate program with up to 30% commission.
All affiliate details you can find here:

If you have additional questions, please use this contact form: is part of Closco Ltd.