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    Experience with payment processors


    1. I want to know what's your most favourite payment processor and why?
    2. What payment processors you can recommend? and why?

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    Paypal ? The best payment solution for E-commerce....or you can see with you bank for a special payment plugin...but it won't be free (in my country it's not free)

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    I also prefer to PAYPAL as it is one of the most secure payment medium and It is free in my country but for a limited amount. We can transfer money from Paypal account to bank account without adding credit card. Therefore I prefer it.

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    Over generalizing is a mistake. All processors have a 'niche',meaning some do specific things better than others, and each has a little different threshold for risk. In other words, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. What may be the best processor for your specific business environment may well be the worst processor for another business environment. As far as Paypal goes, there is no reason for Paypal not to be a part of the payment processing program. But to make it the ONLY option availble to potential customers is very shortsighted for most merchants. If they aspire to any level of being taken seriously, a real merchant account is a must.

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    1,095,PayPal,Moneybookers,RBS Worldpay are all good payment processors the question may be what you are selling and what it is you are going for i.e. low fees, high risk, low risk?

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    For anything high risk, go with imbiggen for sure.

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    2CO is good and also PayPal.! Fees is bit a problem Also there is CCAvenue!

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    I would recommend either PayPal and or RBS WordPay depending on your requirements
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    Quote Originally Posted by amspcs View Post
    a real merchant account is a must.
    What does this mean exactly ?

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    Fionix...I started a thread in this section a little while ago and I would appreciate your comment over there as I read elsewhere you were involved in merchant facilities for people looking to setup new offshore companies.

    cannot provide link yet....not enough posts.

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