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    Changing CSS in WHMCS

    I have configured WHMCS, along with Joomla, and a Joomla extension called J!WHMCSIntegrator, which integrates the two pieces of software, and after a tonne of work, finally have it close to exactly how I want it set up. I just want to change the appearance of parts of it. In other words, I am wanting to change some of the CSS of WHMCS. How easy would it be to hire someone to do this? Are there alot of people that are capable of this? Are there security risks in allowing someone access to my code like that?

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    To edit the CSS would not require server access, so little to no risk. There are a number of people that do WHMCS integrations that could likely edit this for you to match your site. Have a look in the design offers section for one of them and ask questions of the ones that interest you.
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    @jaatendi Hmmmmm CSS in WHMCS... It's risky if you give an amateur design to work with and also you can learn more about CSS if you wish to change the css display of whmcs your self... Or Better still Contact WHMCS offer Integration they can do that for u with little charge and it will be more secure that way.

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