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    need linux/apache/mysqld admin/optimizer

    I want to give GoDaddy one more chance.

    Need someone to configure and make sure it works and has 48 hour uptime:
    1) Apache
    2) mysqld

    Symptoms - after reload of the server:
    mysqld uses over 50%, same with Apache

    named service crashes
    brings down cyrus popd with it

    Need help to figure out why and fix it so it WORKS.

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    I can easily troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve the issue for you please feel free to email me at dexqt at iinet dot net dot au

    You can see my advert which outlines my experience along with random testimonials here ->

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    I have 5 years of experience working for an outsourced company in hosting business. My expertise should help you in troubleshooting and eventually fixing the issue. You can mail me at hostingfreek at gmail dot com for further discussions on this.

    Kind Regards,

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    I can have a look at your server and perform the necessary changes to keep the server running with a steady low load. PM or email me.

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    hi i can help you.Please contact via skype kiskiskns

    I can do for $15
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    romatic zone SPACE
    I can do for $20

    skype linuxmotion

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    I can help you
    My skype is andrey_rogovsky

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    We can have a check on this one. We do have experience more than three years. If you need please PM us.

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    leaning towards asciidigital as they are the only ones that replied to an email inquiry...we are in the US, that may be why (same time zone).

    thank you and if anyone else wants to offer, they can of course.

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    If you still need help with this then please contact us at support [at] servermascot [dot] com

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    We will be happy to resolve this issue if it still occurs. We're confident we can fix it so as pay us only if you're satisfied with the result. Please feel free to contact ondemand at if you're interested.
    || Techbrace :: 24 x 7 Outsourced Web Hosting Support since 2006
    || For Hosting Companies & Data Centres :: Helpdesk / Chat / Phone / Social Media :: cPanel / Plesk / DirectAdmin
    || Dedicated / VPS / Cloud Server Management :: Server Support On Demand :: Fully Managed Servers

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    update on the issue. We did receive help from someone on this thread.
    however, while they did help a lot, Godaddy admitted to screwing up the server from the very beginning, so we have to deal with Godaddy for the mess they created, but further we have another issue....see below:


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