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    I've been a loyal customer of for years and have over 20 domains with them. They made a big mistake and covered it with lies and lies and lies. on top of it they double charged my card and refused to refund, only giving me credit to my account but not back to my card. I renewed a few of my domains and now switching all of my domains to another registrar. I should post all the logs of emails and chats to show you how rude they are and how poorly they treat loyal customers. The only time I got any response that seemed friendly was where they were publicly responding. I have proof of everything if anyone would like to see, poor customer service.

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    I suppose if you payed using your CC you always have a chance for the charge back.

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    Well the problem is I can't do that till I transfer all my domains out and I just registered one 2 weeks ago so I have to wait about 50 more days till I can transfer it out, otherwise what they do which I think is illegal is they freeze your account and don't release it till you pay them and pay for the chargeback fees etc. I found that out looking up crooks. , very unethical company. I just used my money to extend a domain I plan to keep forever.

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    I was a longtime user of When they changed there website layout everything else changed aswell.

    I did the same thing, and transfered all my domains away from them slowly when I could. It was a pain to do, but well worth it.

    I left them almost a year ago, and very glad I did. I switched to Very happy with them.

    Good luck.

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    Yep. I also used Domains at Cost years ago and there was some sort of "issue" that caused me to move back then. I ended up taking my personal .CA domains to NamesPro. These guys are seriously awesome! If I put in a question regardless of date or time and they get back to me in a few hours, with helpful replies. Couldn't be happier with them, just wish they had some sort of reseller API setup... sigh.
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    why not to move just to godaddy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsandreas View Post
    why not to move just to godaddy?
    Why not just stab yourself in the eye? Seriously. It would hurt less than dealing with GoDaddy!

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    domainsatcost is not only one company which is doing this think. These day there is lots of small companies which are cheating with customers and promise to money back guarantee but in actual not return money. First, you should move to your all domain to other registrar and then forceful ask for you extra money.

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