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    Unique WebHosting Template + Portfolio template

    Here's the portfolio template.It's uncoded.URL HERE
    Bidding for the portfolio starts at 20$.( Buyout 40$ )

    I coded most of the hosting template.You can see a preview of the PSD here.And also you can see what i coded here :
    Bidding starts at 50$ ( Buyout 100$ )

    Both of the bids end on May 5.

    Payment : Only paypal.

    PM or mail me at xh3lar [at]

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    very nice one

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    Not buying but wanted to tell you that ^^^^...
    On Opera.
    Designer / Coder (XHTML/CSS/Wordpress)

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    Yes , my coding is a bit choppy (thats why i said I coded most of the hosting template), but i didnt notice that , thanks.
    What browser?It works fine for me in Firefox and IE7.

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    I cant find the edit post button.

    I made another hosting template. You can see it here.
    Bidding starts at 50 , buyout 80$.
    Payment: Paypal

    I forgot to mention in the previous posts.
    You're gonna get the .PSD file ( everything layered ) and the images used.For the first hosting template (orange one) you're gonna get the .html and css files i tried to code.

    All 3 of them are one-time sold and you are free to use them as you wish.

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