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    Register .eu domains without being a resident

    I am a Norwegian citizen and do not have any address in any EU country. Norway is not a part of the EU union yet. However I hope Norway will be a EU member in the future.

    I am desperate to secure my business name with the .eu TLD, but that require that I have a address in a EU country.

    I do not have any friends/contacts in EU, if so I could register the .eu domain in my friends name, but that is not possible then.

    So, what are my alternatives?

    Some registrars offers to register .eu domains in their name and address, but I just don't feel that is safe? Also I am a ETP direct reseller at Enom, and would like to register the domain with Enom and not any other registrar.

    I have been searching a lot for "virtual office" in Europe, thinking that I might get a Europe address that way, and have them forward postal email to me. Is this how everybody else is doing it? However I don't think it is legal to register a .eu domain in my name with a "virtual office" address, because I am not a resident at that address?

    I know I can register a Ltd company in EU, but that will create a lot of extra work and expenses for me.

    Have you registered a .eu domain name without being a resident in a EU country? How did you do it? Thanks!

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    Hi Dittoa,

    If you really want an .EU Domains, you basically only have the choice of going with a registrar, who can offer your a "local presence service". In Europe this often called a Trustee Service.

    Registrars that I know of that offer such a service are:

    - Key-Systems
    - Eurodns (I think)
    - InternetX

    They don't enter their own information, but work with a lawyer as the trustee.

    Hope the above helps and good luck!

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    Hi rojole,

    Thank you very much! I have now registered my .eu domain name using Key-Systems and the local presence service at - and I am very much pleased with services.

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    I think that you should contact any European Registrar and ask this.. I have heard that non US residents are not able to reg .US domains, but not sure about European ones.

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    Buying .eu domain

    don't you think .com is better than .eu why would anyone like to buy .eu domain... what is benefit in it?

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    The Netherlands
    When you do business in EU it makes sense to have .EU - Worldwide domain management. API (epp) + Resellers prices

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