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    Angry downtime issue :S ... and ?

    Hello guys

    from 2 days ago is down today my VPS is also down all the day ... what the **** are there story ... they didn't send any email for downtime or something else ...

    i need to contact this company i duono how .. are they broke and closed or what ????

    ill move from this company once the back online that's enugh

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    Have you tried these contact methods?

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    lol i was wait all the day refreshing the page of there websites its down . its online now finaly

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    Even in April, their site was down for 908 minutes, check

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    Pacifichost has many bad reviews since the long past. I expected they had enough time to rectify.
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    On a shared business plan with these guys and constantly have down time.

    This is from my April report.

    Uptime: 91.72%
    Downtime: 40h 56m 00s
    Outages: 29
    Response Time: 1439 ms .

    Needless to say I'll be moving my hosting...

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    for sharing hosting i really recommended , i was hosting with them from 3 years , no downtime no server issue ,when i move to a VPS i buy it from pacifichost and that was my big mistake for first 3 months

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