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    [CWXNETWORKS.COM] 20GB Storage 3200GB Bandwidth 384MB RAM - Instant setup - $4.49/Mo

    CWX Networks has servers located in Phoenix, AZ and we have a 100% network uptime promise.

    We are connected to a blend of Hurricane Electric, Cogent, Global Crossing, and Level3.

    We offer 24/7/365 Support for our customers and boast a 10 minute response time and 1 hour resolution time on all supported issues.

    Shared Hosting Plans:


    20GB Disk Space
    3200GB Transfer
    256MB RAM / 384MB Burst
    2 IP Addresses
    As low as $4.49/Mo


    40GB Disk Space
    3200GB Transfer
    512MB RAM / 768MB Burst
    2 IP Addresses
    As low as $8.95/Mo


    80GB Disk Space
    3200GB Transfer
    1024MB RAM / 1.5GB Burst
    2 IP Addresses
    As low as $17.95/Mo


    160GB Disk Space
    3200GB Transfer
    2GB RAM / 3GB Burst
    4 IP Addresses
    As low as $44.95/Mo

    If you have any questions email me at: [email protected]

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    err, wrong section or wrong header?

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    Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot to change the header when I setup the post.

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