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  1. #1 (free) vs (free version) ?

    Which do you prefer?

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    It wouldn't be a fair choice since the FREE version of Litespeed has such limitations in place...

    Since Nginx has been about for a while and someone has simply just made an cPanel installer for it thus not having much over heads in the process they can afford to give it away so to speak.

    Now if you change it to Litespeed 15 Day Trial then yes I choose Litespeed
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    nginx still has problems reading .htaccess the way apache does.

    so if you want your server to be fully compatible with all web/opensource apps, go for litespeed.

    if you are a rails/lamp developer, and build everything custom, nginx.

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    i tried nginxcp (free) version and everything seems ok.
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    I'm running nginxcp on 3 of my servers. so far so good
    One issue though. I went to today to get the new 2.4 version... Um what happened to there site? Now it has some India based web site theme, with a 23% progress bar on it.
    Can't even access the forums..
    I was just on the site 3 days ago, and figured I would wait till the weekend to download v.2.4, but oh well. If there site doesn;t back, might be time to switch to lightspeed, or - which is much more cost effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siterack_net View Post
    I'm running nginxcp on 3 of my servers. so far so good
    One issue though. I went to http://nginxcp.comNow it has some India based web site theme
    That's not a India based theme, it's Arabic you can follow that thread at
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