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    setting up vs (hostgator) - unmanaged, virtuozzo only, no cpanel

    hi i guess the title says it all i just planned to migrate from my stupid bluehost shared to HG VPS due to inabality of shared one to handle traffic question is how do i configure a vps server ..any detailed tutorial will be an unmanaged one, no cpanel only VZ...i have no prior experience in this....teh one with cpanel seems a bit it impossible for a newbie to manage vps server without cpanel ? there must be a way..any deatiled tutorial or soemthing, plz let me know.i will highly obliged.....

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    If you have no experience managing a server, I would really look into getting a managed VPS or at least one with cPanel to make your life easier. If you want to learn, check out

    Good luck.

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    Second that, if you don't know where to start -- I would highly recommend you purchase a managed service. This isn't a simple "read a tutorial" proposition. OTOH, if this site isn't something important and you want to learn -- 5 minutes on Google will get you started.

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    good advice above. get managed vps.

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    As others have stated, it definitely soounds like you need a managed VPS. Alternatively, a reliable shared hosting plan may be fine for you. - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    Or install cpanel on the VPS. It's worth $15.
    The time to configure & manage the VPS without cpanel will be a lot more than $15. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    agreed if you have no management experience
    as it being a plain Linux server there are multiple ways to configure a plain Linux server

    or just get DirectAdmin much cheaper
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    @wicked factor
    hostgator managed vps with cpanel is 50 dolars per month.quite too much for me...i mean compared to 90 dollars a year shared to 50 dollars a month i have just entered into this webmastering and stuff
    so do u really recommend spending this much amount or i should better try learning from this link u have mentioned (library[dot]linode[dot]com) and instead go for linode vps instead of the learning curve iinvolved too much ?
    sry for stupid questions but i m really new to all this

    sorry i dont have access to features to quote, url posting n stuff till now i think so couldnt quote u

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    Well, it's not impossible for you to learn, and guides like the Linode Library really outlines basic tasks very well for even a beginner to follow.

    However, something you should take into consideration is how important the site is, how much money it's making (assuming that's the ultimate goal of the site), and how much you value your time to be able to focus on other things. I ask this because say the site goes down for whatever reason -- too much traffic, some server misconfiguration, etc. With a managed host, a simple ticket will have these issues taken care of for you, versus you having to spend hours researching this online and implementing a solution. So again, it's up to you and how you value your time. You may enjoy learning and configuring a server yourself, so if that's you, go for it.

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    I think WHT should install one of those thumb's up point system so we can click on messages like WickedFactor's latest one ... he consistently gives good and helpful advice.

    One thing that might work for the OP is to install Kloxo on his VPS and let it provide the default configuration. Kloxo is more like cPanel and more familiar for most people than something like Webmin.

    Kloxo does not provide an interface to configure something like CSF firewall, but there is plenty of support in the LXCenter forums on doing that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fshagan View Post
    I think WHT should install one of those thumb's up point system so we can click on messages like WickedFactor's latest one ... he consistently gives good and helpful advice.
    Haha, thanks.

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