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    OpenSRS or HexoNet? domain reseller


    I'm looking for a domain reseller that offers .dk domains and are WHCMS compatible. I've narrowed it down to OpenSRS or HexoNet. Prices are a bit cheaper on HexoNet, but not much.

    Do anyone here have any experiences with these two providers?

    Currently im leaning towards HexoNet, but what do you guys think?

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    OpenSRS. Solid support.
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    I would lean towards HEXONET. Their selection of TLDs is bigger than OpenSRS and they participate in new TLD launches. We have had a number of successes with them in the past.

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    We are with OpenSRS. They have been really good, have great support. Their web interface isn't the greatest, but they just released a first look at their updated version, it is nice.

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