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    Smile Need a technical supporter for small server!!!

    Hi everyone, now you're using a dedi and is running about 8 on that site. Including a site with about 60k unique traffic per day. The rest is a total site traffic is also around 20k + unique per day.
    I have wondered at first ,you've purchased is completed, the load is very smooth, no problems, but more slowly as it began, to this day is already 3 weeks since I bought, although I did test very carefully investigate the site you not to traffic significantly, why was this situation?.

    A little more information about the server you are using:
    Processor: Quad Core Intel Xeon X3450 2.66GHz
    Memory: 8GB ECC DDR3
    Hard Drive: 2 x 250GB 7.200 RPM SATA RAID:
    Operating System: Linux CentOS 5.x
    Control Panel: DirectAdmin
    Port Speed: DRAC6 Enterprise Server Management Card
    Bandwidth: 100Mbps
    Unmetered Internet Connection
    IP Address: 12 IP Addresses sử dụng
    LiteSpeed: I do not Want LiteSpeed
    Support Type: Full Backup External Managed

    Does this server have been assessed as not very strong to you?
    My server as extremely high load averages and I need to get it down.
    I am looking for someone that's well experienced with Apache and Mysql optimization for a one time job. If you have a great knowledge on mysql and apache, feel free to pm me.

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    inside wht
    There is no PM feature available for you now. You would be better to posy other contacts. Also do you have any control panel in this server ?
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    I can have a look into why your load is so high. MySQL probably needs to be optimized, along with Apache. Feel free to contact me on my site so we can discuss further.

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    If you still need help with this then please send in an email to support [at] servermascot [dot] com

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