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    Talking need suggestion - change subdomain forum to own domain?


    It is good to change a forum from sub domain to separate domain?

    I have a web hosting site, so Its good If I change this to ??

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    Good in terms of what? If the forum is the entire site, sure let it have its own domain. However, if the forum is part of a site/blog, adding on a "community" aspect, a subdomain or subdirectory is preferable, imo, just to be on the same main domain as the main site.

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    It might affect you in some way but if you want to take a risk, then Go.

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    When you do it, just make sure to setup some redirects so you don't lose your SEO advantages.

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    A subdomain is classed as a different domain. So you will lose rankings, serps, etc.

    You can permanently 301 redirect to but that will not help other than redirect your visitors/members to the new domain.

    You would need to ask those that linkback to you to update their links so they point to instead of

    Or you could leave the page up with some info about where the new site is and include link to new site ( ) on the same page. That way pr goes to and pr from goes to

    Probably best not to change it now.
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    since you said you it's a web hosting site, i'd stick to subdomain. it will look more legit to your customers, imo.

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