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    need a perl script for openvz

    As you know, by "vzlist -o vpsid,laverage" in openvz can see vps load.
    I need to a batch script for auto stop/restart any vps with more than 25 load.
    Who can help me please?

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    Any offer?

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    Does it need to be in Perl?

    For something like this Bash would be plenty sufficient, can be done in Perl but you'll just be sending bash commands anyway in this case.

    I would do it for $100, would consistently monitor for high load, restart instance and e-mail when restarted, would also have error handling etc.
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    I don't know if this is already resolved but....

    If you wanted to just run it every minute in a cron job and didn't care about email and error checking I could probably give you a one liner to just run from cron for $25. Would be done in 2 hours.

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    mikel2000, can you send a p.m for me?

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