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    Advice on hosting a custom web app.

    Hi all,

    Looking to get some advice.

    We have a custom app that has been developed on the platform.

    Now looking to host this for the client. In needs to be secured with ssl because of the nature of the data stored.

    I've been told that a 4GB, quad core dedi running windows would suffice.

    We do not have the expertise or time to manage this so I wanted to find out what options there would be for managing the server and if there were any recommendations.

    I also wanted to know if a virtualised service would be more suitable and if that had a better level of support.

    Budget is between 150 and 200 per month, obviously the closer to 150 the better.


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    Whats your location preference? I would recommend to go with a managed dedicated server provider over virtualized server provider. They should be able to handle your needs on the server side setup.

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    Thanks for the reply, UK ideally.

    Could you explain why a dedicated would be preferential? Is that because of performance or management?


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    Try to find a Managed Dedicated Server. You can also get a management package seperately. Some management companies are going to give you more than a Managed Dedicated Server. Do your research on both and you should be able to find a good solution that will fit your needs.

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