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Thread: help please

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    help please

    which host will work best when starting a blog?

    considering that you found 2 reliable host for your upcoming blog, which of these 2 (with regards to your budget since you're just beginning to establish your blog) will work best for you?

    (1)one that offers cheap prices (but no money-back guarantee)
    (2)or the one that offers real high amount (that offers money-back guarantee)

    in this case you really had to deal with a reliable and trusting host that could go with your budget.

    thanks for those who'll reply!

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    Perhaps something in between,

    A mid priced host that offers a money back guarantee. Some other things I have a tendency to look at, do they have a phone number on their site? Do they respond to an initial email? If these two things are not there I would move on to another option. I've sent emails to many companies with offers I found interesting and if I do not get a response back I assume they are scams.
    The phone number thing is just me really. If I have a major problem such as my site being down I do not want to wait for an email or ticket response. I want to be able to call a real person and get my site back up as my business depends on it. So if there is not a quick reliable way to contact them I would stay away.
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    thanks for the info!
    yeah I agree with you, I think that would be also one of the most important thing to consider.
    thanks for the info, such a great help!

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    In your scenerio, I would have chosen the one that offer a money back guarantee. My personal opinion (with shared hosting anyway), is if the host does not offer a money back guarantee, then they can not have much faith in their own services.

    In the UK, under the distance selling regulations, companies are obliged to offer a money back guarantee (with a few exceptions, like earings etc),
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    No Problem,
    I hope you find what you are looking for "Add a little Magick to your Website"

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    thanks! i believe it is important to really, really have a wise decision in choosing your host, i thought that would be easy, but you have to consider a lot of things as well.. :|

    thanks to all of you guys who replied, you're really a big help.

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    Money back guarantee is something very important, which I think you should find a host that gives you this as an option if you are not satisfied.

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    24/7 support, money back guarantee, multiple ways to contact support (telephone, livechat, email) - just a few I can think of. Also recommend checking out the offers section
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    I would call them, speak to someone how do they treat you on the phone? Do they seem professional? are they courteous, helpful? Its good to get to know the the company that will hold and protect your content, depending on what it might be, the relationship you establish with your host could significantly affect your business.

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